Here is my most recent "Play" project.

I bought this 1977 Yamaha xs 400 for $600 of craigslist and my partner and I fixed her up. I learned a lot and was super excited to put my leather skills to use and make a new seat. Scroll down to see what she looked like when I first brought her home. She really came a long way.


Handmade Oxfords. 

Now I put the heel on the shoe. Four pieces of stacked and nailed leather shaped with a rasp and then buffed on the buffing wheel. 

After the welting is on it is now time to stitch the welting to the sole. The sole is a thick piece of leather.

Stitching the welt to the upper and insole took a long time.

Now things get dark. Sewing on the welting was one of the most hellish processes I have experienced in making. Around the toe and heal I am stitching through five layers of leather using embroidery needles.

All nailed up.

After the upper has been soaked in water, I then stretch the leather around the last and use nails as a temporary place holder for the next step of stitching. The upper shrinks tight around the last.

This is an image of the insole. The insole is nailed to the bottom of the wooden last and I use a curved all to pierce holes through a carved raised channel, called the hold fast, where the upper gets stitched to.

Now the uppers are together and they rest over the wooden last. The easy part is over.

Using an old singer treadle sewing machine, I carefully stitched the layers of leather together for the upper.

Patterns are transferred to final leather pieces that will be sewn together to make the upper part of the oxford.