bruce.loy copy.jpg

Wedding Dress

These contemporary portraits are created using a 19th century process. Passionate photographers are committed to keeping this old process alive through sharing knowledge. Not unlike the alternative photography community, there is a circle of folks who are continuing to celebrate and carry on the oral tradition of old-time fiddle music. I have been at the receiving end of both of these generous communities. I attempt to bring narrative and melody to these tintype portraits of the folks who keep old-time music alive. By bringing together both the music and photographic process of the 19th century, my goal is for these images to come alive with narrative and melody. Each portrait is titled after a tune. Some are lighthearted, joyous songs, while others communicate heartbreak and loss.

hannah.guitar copy.jpg

Say Darling, Say 


ted.fiddle copy.jpg

O' Death

matt.banjo copy.jpg

Blackest Crow

molly.banjo copy.jpg

June Apple

Black-Eyed Suzie

nude.banjo copy.jpg

Lyrical Still